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The signature of Diane Gail Designs is Dramatic Durability. And if you know the creator, you’ll know why. So meet Diane Gail. Growing up in Pittsburgh, the world’s steel capitol, Diane was raised with down-to-earth values, especially practicality and endurance. But that’s not all -- her successful candy distributor-father taught her the importance of catering to the Sweet Tooth, while her gourmet chef-mother inspired her to balance the sweet with the spicy.

Every handbag in Diane’s line reflects this mix – practical on the inside, delicious fashion on the outside, and durable throughout. Diane cultivated her native talents by studying Costume and Set Design at the world-renowned Carnegie Mellon University Department of Drama, and earned her Masters Degree in Arts Management. She ventured to Los Angeles to manage various theatrical companies, including the prestigious Ally Theater in Studio City. Diane then moved up to executive management positions for such media companies as Keylight Studios and Lassoo Interactive, and gave her philanthropic energies to the U.S. Committee for UNICEF, the Starlight Foundation, and the United Jewish Fund.

Along the way, she followed her artistic muse, painting in neo-Impressionist style. At the same time, she kept her fingers on the pulse of fashion trends, creating original clothing and accessories for friends and family.

When Diane launched Diane Gail Designs, she merged her corporate business acumen with her design talent and passion for fashion. Diane Gail Designs is truly fulfilling Woman’s quest for the perfect handbag -- One that fulfills her needs for practicality, distinctiveness, and fun.



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